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Suicide Survivor. Award-Winning Filmmaker. Best-Selling Author. Influencer. Storyteller. Thought Leader.

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I jumped off the golden gate bridge - buzzfeed

Kevin is using his story to spread suicide prevention awareness with his film, Suicide: The Ripple Effect, found at 

Produced by BuzzFeed, Lizz Warner & Kevin Hines for BuzzFeed

The 2% - Kevin Hines

At age 19, Kevin attempted to take his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. He is in the 2% of Golden Gate Bridge jumpers that survived their suicide attempt. The 2% is a short film Andrew Harrison Brown about Kevin's story and the current state of mental health in our country. To follow Kevin's amazing journey, visit Produced by Rag Tag Films in collaboration with National Council for Behavioral Health and Relias Learning.

Shot, Directed and Edited by Andrew Harrison Brown
Music by Sleeping at Last
Additional Aerials by Dane Christensen


Build A Better U: Do it 4 U, #HopeHelpsHeal

Check out my new #SuicideSafeMessaged video on filming location in the ol' South Sydney Australia. People always ask what my formula for staying well most days. I do many steps a day including a great sleeping routine, exercise, educating of my disease and more. Here is a bit of inspiration for you living with a brain health condition, or mental illness. My motto Acceptance leads to HardWork + Hope = Better Wellness Build A Better U

Kevin Hines on CCTV’s Full Frame - 7-Feb-2015

Kevin Hines on CCTV's Full Frame, 07-Feb-2015