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buzzfeed - i jumped off the golden gate bridge & survived

Here’s the story of a man who jumped off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and lived to tell his story. He hopes that his emotional tale can inspire others to seek help.

Golden Gate Bridge suicides hit record high

The families of people who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge tell their stories and call for more measures to be put in place along the bridge to prevent suicides.

Survivors Of Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Victims Rally At City Hall To Demand A Safety Net

Family members and friends of suicide victims who died jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge gathered at the steps of San Francisco City Hall today to urge the building of a suicide barrier on the bridge.


people magazine - Man Who Survived Suicide Jump From Golden Gate Bridge Shares His Story to Help Others

He miraculously survived. Hines, who suffers from bipolar disorder and says he stays "alive and well" with a combination of therapy, medication, exercise and other means, now travels the world to share his story.